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As Far As We Know

Mar 6, 2018

Brain+Trust Partners' CEO Scott Monty and co-host Jay Acunzo swap stories of doing things the right way and, of course, the wrong way both from their own careers and around the world of Fortune 500 brands. Jay shares the story of a global hotel chain executive acting more like a startup founder, and Scott starts with a tough premise (namely, this stuff is hard) before deconstructing it to bits. 

The Difference is the show for big brand executives exploring one big question: In the digital age, why do some brands thrive while others struggle to survive? Each episode, the founders of Brain+Trust Partners tackle one big trend, technology, or change and explore the difference between succeeding and scuffling when trying to capitalize. Brain+Trust is an executive consultancy helping busy leaders make sense of customer behavior and data to drive results.


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